Bonhay House

Student accommodation - 0.95km from city center
About the place
We have enhanced our thorough cleaning protocols even further to keep your new home Covid Secure. Th add_box
Social and fun

Bonhay House is the most convenient place for you to settle in and get the most of your university life within a nice and quiet environment to study and make new friends.

No Visa No Pay
Your booking can be cancelled for free if the Visa application has been denied.
No Place No Pay
A booking can be cancelled for free if you have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your university of choice.
Additional Information

To apply for and book, a flat or bedroom, you must pay £100 to reserve the room (described herein as Reservation Rent.) This Payment is made at the time of booking through our on-line booking system. You will have 15 days from making your booking to sign the Tenancy Agreement. The Reservation Rent is fully refundable if you cancel your booking within this period. Once the Tenancy Agreement has been signed, the Reservation Rent will be held until the first rental payment falls due under your Tenancy Agreement, and will be offset against the amount due.

To cancel your booking you must tell us in writing by sending an email to us at: info@dorms.com.

You may be eligible to be released from your agreement if:

(A)Your offer of a place at your preferred University/ Higher Education institution is withdrawn as a result of you not achieving the required entry grades, (B) you have surpassed your required entry grades and choose to go to a different University or, (C) you have extenuating circumstances that prevents you taking your place at University.

Student housing
Student fees
booking fee
100,00£ per person
Fee is payable at time of application
booking fee
100,00£ per person
Fee is payable at time of application
Available Rooms
2 Guests
Exeter is a small city which can easily be explored by bike or on foot. Try the Exeter Green Circle add_box

Address: Bonhay Rd, Exeter EX4 4BG, UK, EX4 4BG, Exeter, Englanti

If you have any queries regarding your room or wish to report a maintenance issue, please visit reception. We are here for you 24/7. If you have a serious emergency (when the safety of you or your fellow residents is at risk or a serious maintenance issue such as a water leak, no electricity, or a broken window, has occurred) then please let us know straight away.

Check-in details
Available 24 hours
Check-out details
Available 24 hours

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Minimum age
Minimum age of at least 1 person to check in at the front desk: 18
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